My name is Bob Walsh. I am the founder of the R. Walsh Gate & Railing Company. Thank you for your interest in our ornamental ironwork.

The R. Walsh Gate & Railing Company is a cottage industry (multiple shops). These shops belong to the finest Artist/Blacksmiths in the Upper Midwest (USA).

The R. Walsh Gate & Railing Company has been making ornamental ironwork for 35 years.

Ornamental Ironwork

Ironwork from our cottage industry covers the complete spectrum, from simple utility railings to highly ornate, hand forged gates and railings.  Ornamental ironwork from our shops can be found on dwellings from modest homes to the Minnesota Governor's Residence.

Logistics and Cost

Ornamental ironwork from our shops is both the most expensive and the least expensive among ornamental iron shops. "The most expensive and least expensive" how can that be? Answer, logistics.

I am located in Pepin, Wisconsin. Pepin is 1 & ½ hours (each way) from downtown Minneapolis.  Pepin is 2 hours (each way) from the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

I charge $60.00 per hour travel time plus 50 cents per mile for site trips from my shop to destinations outside of Pepin County. A trip from my shop to Wayzata for example, will cost 4 hours @ $60.00 ($240.00) plus 180 miles @ 50 cents per mile ($90.00), totaling $330.00.

$330.00 for a site visit to Wayzata.

$250.00 for a site trip to downtown Minneapolis

In addition to the initial site trip, more logistic expenses are applied to the cost of the product. This usually means two more trips, one for templates and another trip for installation. What does this mean to you? It means for a simple ornamental iron railing, if you live in Minneapolis, our shop will probably cost you around $750.00 to $1,000.00 more than if you call a shop in your neighborhood.  This is because of logistics.

What about the previous statement "ornamental iron from our shops is both the most expensive and the least expensive among ornamental ironwork shops"?

The least expensive

Large hand forged gate and railing projects from our cottage industry, when compared with other shops in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, are generally the least expensive. Hand forged ironwork is at the core of our shops and is our specialty. As such, we can hand forge hot iron more efficiently than most other shops. Our knowledge, experience, efficiency and tooling in this area, more than compensate for logistic expenses on distant high end jobs.

In a nutshell

Looking for a simple ornamental iron hand railing?

Call a local shop, which may or may not be us, depending on where you live?

Looking for hand forged highly ornate gates or railings?

Call us. If your home has copper gutters and a slate roof, we are your ornamental iron resource.

Ornamental ironwork from our cottage industry has been nationally awarded (on three occassions) and published many times.

Thank you for your time and interest.

If I/we can be of service, please feel free to call or email me.


Robert Walsh






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